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Unique bath and wellness experiences

No other country on Earth can offer you medicinal water of the outstanding quality and composition than the reserves available in Hungary. In the Bükk region you can enjoy the benign healing properties of these waters all year round. When visiting the original Turkish Baths in Eger built in the 1600s, you should also try a traditional Hammam massage. We promise you will feel rejuvenated from head to toe!

The Miskolctapolca Cave Bath, located in the touristic region of Miskolc, is unique in all of Europe. Its more than several hundred-thousand-year-old natural cave passages hide karst baths, their naturally warm water coming from the very heart of the mountain itself. At the Demjén Cascade Cave Baths, the experience is made even more exciting by giant waterslides built into the mountain. The terraced limestone structure (the so-called “salt hill”) of the Saliris Resort in Egerszalók is also extremely unique, with only two other similar structures known in the entire world. Bathing in the Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa effectively cures rheumatic diseases and joint disorders.

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Hiking, recreation and extreme adventures in the mountains of Bükk

Bükk National Park (Hungarian: Bükki Nemzeti Park) is a national park in the Bükk Mountains of Northern Hungary, near Miskolc. It was founded in 1976 as the third national park in the country. It contains 431.3 km² (of which 37.74 km² is under increased protection). Mountainous and forested, Bükk is Hungary’s largest national park and is situated in the northern mountains, between Szilvásvárad and Lillafüred. Bükk’s important geological features include various karst formations within its limestone mountains – particularly caves (once inhabited by pre-historic people), swallow-holes, and ravines. The country’s longest (4,000 metres) and deepest (245 metres) cave, Istvánlápa, is located in the park. Bükk National Park also contains ninety species of nesting birds, some considered endangered.


stalactite cave

Wine tasting in historic wine cellars

If you are in Eger, you simply must taste the iconic red and white wines of this historic wine region, such as the famous Egri Bikavér, Egri Leányka, and the Egri Csillag. The best wine cellars in the region can be found around Eger, Egerszalók, Noszvaj, Szomolya and Ostoros. You can also take an exciting guided tour of the historic Archbishop’s Cellar – a maze-like subterranean city. A light 15-20-minute walk takes you from the centre of Eger to the Szépasszony Valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman), where you can explore and enjoy the regional wines in almost 200 wine cellars carved into the volcanic rock.

As long as you’re in Miskolc, you should not pass up the opportunity to explore the Avas Hill in the close vicinity of the heart of the city. It is home to 900 cellars and wine houses, many of them 300-400 years old. In February, you can also participate in the Kocsonya Farsang (Aspic Festival), dedicated to the iconic dish of Miskolc, aspic (kocsonya in Hungarian).

Wine cellars

Discover the Baroque town of Eger

Celebrated as one of the most beautiful European towns, Eger is only an hour and a half’s drive from Budapest. You can roam the peaceful narrow streets in the heart of this Baroque town, listen to an organ concert in its Basilica (the second largest church in Hungary), and discover the wonders of the imposing Archbishop’s Palace located here.

Make sure to “invade” the Eger Castle, the fortress where the Hungarian defenders broke the Turkish siege in 1552, their heroism forever ensuring them a place in our history books. You can also climb the Eger Minaret for a truly breathtaking view from the top, this monument is the northernmost legacy of the Ottoman Empire.

medieval castles

Living human heritage in Mezőkövesd

The folk art of the Matyó community was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and you can find it in the Hadas district of Mezőkövesd, a town near Eger. The place is an organic open-air museum, enticing visitors with its 100-150-year-old houses, which serve as museum houses and artistic workshops.

traditional festivals

Explore the “Queens’ Castle”, and a narrow-gauge train ride around the town of Miskolc

In Miskolc, the region’s largest city, you can see 7 million-year-old petrified swamp cypresses in the Pannon Sea Museum, as well as the 16-metre (52 ft) iconostasis of the local Greek Orthodox church, the largest in Central Europe. Visitors can get a hands-on experience of how life in the Middle Ages had been like in the Castle of Diósgyőr located nearby, also known as the Queens’ Castle. You can take the narrow-gauge forest train from Diósgyőr to the Bükk mountains and their famed health resort, Lillafüred, home of the Anna travertine (freshwater limestone) cave: one of only six such caves known in the entire world. You can take a ride on the Lillafüred chairlift, and in Miskolc, you can explore the St. Stephen stalactite cave, famed for its beautiful dripstone structures.

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